To The Deeds We Missed

Hey ya'll, i'm french, i'm from New Caledonia, which is an island between Australia & New Zealand. I like science, biology, geology ... a lot of things...

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Grues et pruniers

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(Photograph by Cat C.)

(Photograph by Cat C.)


Weightless by All Time Low

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Damn right!

Je suis partie loin

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Next, a crinoid plus bonus urchin for your echinoderm pleasure. New Caledonia, Southern Lagoon last year.Crédit : MrSidKelly

Fennec Fox, Morocco
Photo: Francisco Mingorance

Si notre planète se réchauffe c’est qu’on se rapproche de l’enfer, la planète bleu vire au rouge, on l’a poignardé en plein cœur.